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Getting The Belt - Domestic Discipline

Our ‘belt’ for spanking is an implement made for spanking. A 40 inch long, 2 inch wide belt had the buckle and punched holes cut off, then doubled over and the ends attached to a wood handle. The belt is now a doubled, 18 inch long, 2 inch wide leather strip on a wood handle.

A Texas spanking with a belt – OTD Punishment Memories

A Texas spanking with a belt. I was raised in Texas with three siblings: a sister two years my junior, and brothers two years my senior and three years my junior respectively. So, at the time of this incident, my oldest brother was 16, I was 14, my sister 12, and my younger brother 11. We were raised in a very loving household with fairly lax ...

Spanked with belt - YouTube

Spanked with leather belt

Licence To Kill M/f belt whipping scene - YouTube

He catches the woman in bed with another man so he bends her over and whips her with a belt.

Daddy Beats Daughter With Belt After Missing 3 Days ...

For a kid to understand the effectiveness of a spanking, there has to be a level of trust with the parent and after the child has gotten spanked, there should be a clear understanding of what they ...

Thomas and Sarah(1979) belting scene - video Dailymotion

Thomas and Sarah (1979) belting scene. Robbradleyday. 7 years ago. An angry husband uses a belt to hit his wife once. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Playing next. 0:33. My Husband vs Plat Members | Whatsapp Status | Husband and Wife Comedy | Tamil Popular Scenes.

Were you spanked, and how? (28 answers) - Funadvice

well- yes I was spanked until I was about 11 years old- sometimes bare bottomed- sometimes not- but always with my fathers thick leather belt. sometimes it was a legitimate spanking- most times it was abusive- my father getting out his frustration by spanking me. now as an adult- I can see the excessiveness involved, but I do believe that there ...

Stepmother’s strap – Maman: spanking memories: mothers ...

Stepmother’s strap. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and spanking was the way to discipline in our house. My stepmom was a firm believer that spanking was the only way to discipline a naughty child or teenager. My sisters and I were spanked at least five to six times a month. Her tools of spanking were her hand or a leather strap, both of which ...

The Punishment Club | Corporal Punishment at its best

A Spanking Promise. A Lesson To The Class. Do Not Defy Me. Italian Takes 112 Strokes ! Telephone Call From School. ... Get Me The Belt. Those Weighing Scales Are Wrong!

The Bay Boy 1984 M/f belting by dad scene - video Dailymotion

Powerful scene from "The Bay Boy" where a teen boy and girl are caught kissing. Incidentally she is shocked to discover he is having an erection after kissing her. But the abusive father walks in on them and punches out the boy and then demands his daughter bend over the table and raise her panties so he can whip her with a belt.